The Microwave has a very interesting history :

Dr. Percy Spencer made this great discovery in 1946. During a radar research project he stumbled upon one of the greatest discoveries in history. A group of scientists were working with microwaves ( not the machine ) to try to track Nazi planes during WWII. Dr. Percy Spencer was one of the many scientists working in the lab on this project. He had a chocolate bar in his pocket that actually melted during their experiment. This weird occurrence got him interested in trying to figure out why the candy bar melted. This surprised him so much that he tried an experiment using popcorn kernels and to his amazement, they began popping all over his lab table.


One of the funniest stories happened the next day during his experiments with the microwaves. Dr. Percy Spencer placed an egg in front of a magnetron tube which released these microwaves. A group of scientists gathered behind Spencer to see what he was experimenting with. The egg that was placed on the lab table began to tremble as the inside of the egg was heating up and exerted pressure on the inside wall of the egg. The curious group of scientists began to move closer to the egg to get a better look at it when the egg suddenly exploded. The scientists were covered in yolk, but still were laughing. This brought together all the pieces of the different experiments and Spencer was wondering how he could use this to experiment with other foods. This is how he got the idea to take a metal box and insert the microwave tubing into the box which feeds the power into the small area. The box kept the waves in it and heated up food very rapidly. These experiments changed how we cook food today and soon the microwave oven was born which turned into a multimillion dollar industry!

The first microwaves weren't as small as they are today. The first microwave was built as tall and as large as a fridge, which is unbelievable today. The first microwave was brought to a Boston restaurant for further testing. After it was tested and approved, it finally hit the market in 1947 and sold for $5,000. The only problem with it, was it had to be water-cooled so the pumping instillation were required with buying the microwave. It wasn't selling great on the market, but after a few improvements, smaller build, and less expense, the microwave finally began to sell. It was mostly bought for restaurants and vending companies which used it to heat foods or keep them warm, which saved money, because less food had to be thrown away.


The first microwave oven was introduced by Raytheon who called it a "Radarange," It was put in refrigerator sized cabinets and cost from $2,000 to $3,000 dollars, but was to large for most house owners so two years later he released the first counter top microwave. He turned the price down to only $500 which it then became a normal household item.


Dr. Percy Spencer eventually died at the age of 76, but is known as one of the leaders world's leading experts in the field of microwave energy, even though he never had a high school education. He was eventually inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame with the great names of Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers and George Washington Carver. His invention changed almost every person's lives from 1946 till today.