Some interesting facts:

  • The first microwave ever built was 6 feet tall (size of a refrigerator) and weighed nearly 750 pounds
  • The first microwave also cost $5,000
  • These microwave ovens heat up food by having molecules vibrate inside the food, making the food turn hot
  • These microwaves don't make people sick, because once the food absorbs the waves, those waves turn into heat
  • The microwave wasn't invented for food purposes, it was an accident that changed more then just food technology
  • Microwaves are short radio waves that travel in an invisible circular motion in the air.
  • Microwaves are faster then television waves, but are much shorter then infrared rays
  • These waves can pass through glass, paper, and plastics

Microwaves can be used in many ways. Here are some of the ways:

  • · Detecting speeding cars and motorcycles
  • · Sending telephone messages
  • · TV broadcasting
  • · Curing and drying plywood
  • · Treating muscle soreness
  • · Curing resins and rubber
  • · Raising bread and doughnuts
  • · Cooking potato chips.