Food Evolution

The Microwave has really changed the way we make food on a daily basis. Instead of baking foods or putting them into ovens for long periods of time, we can now cook them fast. Many foods can cook in a microwave in 2-3 minutes which makes it easier to eat on the go. Microwaves can be used for defrosting meats and reheating foods fast. This was an evolution for the T.V. dinners which were pre-made meals that all a person had to do would be to stick the food in the microwave and in minutes their dinner was ready. Even today people eat on the go everyday, making the microwave a needy utility in every home.

Popcorn was one of the biggest break though foods with the microwaves. The microwave gave people the ability to make popcorn quick and easy inside their own homes. The popcorn goes great with movies and just a snacking food in general. With the help of the microwave, popcorn was made cheaper for the consumer, because they don't have to pay so much like they would in the movie theater.